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T4800 Load Sharer T4400 and T4800

The T4400 is a load sharer for generators with electronic speed controllers.
The T4800
provides automatic load sharing and system frequency control of generators running in parallel.


pdf T4800 data sheet
pdf T4400 data sheet
pdf T4000 T4400 manual
pdf T line catalogue
pdf T4800 Test Report
pdf T4800 PRS certificat
pdf T4800 GL certificat
pdf T4000 T4400 T4500 T4800 T5000 M8100 RMRS certificat
pdf T line catalogue
pdf T line catalogo
T4900 VAr Load Sharer

The T4900 provides automatic reactive load sharing (VAr) and system voltage control for parallel running generators.


pdf T4900 data sheet
pdf T line catalogue
pdf T line catalogue
pdf T line catalogo